I’ve kind of always hated January–it’s cold, somehow it seems longer than all the other months, and all the holiday cheer is packed away. But somehow it always seems full of possibility, a chance to do something new. I think I’m prone to surprising myself in January. After all, in Januarys of years past, I’ve… … More january


So I have a confession to make… …even though I love London, and am so happy I decided to pursue my MA here, I still have felt a bit homesick at times. It feels strange to put this into words. Truth be told, I’ve written and rewritten this post about a dozen times over the … More home

london curls

Maybe it seems vain or girly, but I really like taking care of my hair. I have naturally curly hair, but it took some time for me to be comfortable with it. When ‘Japanese straightening’ was all the rage, I would flat-iron my hair into oblivion and go to comical lengths to avoid getting my … More london curls

do they know it’s christmas? (if the adverts are on, then yes)

In the US, Christmas traditionally begins after the Thanksgiving turkey is carved and Santa Claus rides down 6th Avenue in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade–and even though I’m 3000 miles away, I’m celebrating Thanksgiving this week with turkey sandwiches and challah bread (well, an attempt at challah bread–let’s just say I’m not headed for the … More do they know it’s christmas? (if the adverts are on, then yes)


I went to a ‘busy’ college. I love Kenyon and of course am still so happy I went there, but the combination of rigorous academics, a small campus, and a, um, limited social scene resulted in an environment where everyone was always ‘busy’ in some fashion. There was always a paper to write or a … More productivity