“moving to london” playlist

The perfect background music when you’re leaving for London tomorrow on a one-way ticket, have had your bag packed for a week, and still can’t escape the crushing feeling that you’re FORGETTING SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT BUT CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHAT IT IS.

Just kidding. I’m fine. I’ve only checked that my passport is still in the same place like, four times today.

(note: this playlist features only artists who are native Londoners. I may make a follow-up playlist featuring London-appropriate songs by non-Londoners? We’ll see.)

Listen on Spotify.

  1. Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs) // Lily Allen
  2. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself // Jess Glynne
  3. St Jude // Florence + The Machine
  4. Shut Up // Stormzy
  5. Chasing Pavements // Adele
  6. Black // Donae’o
  7. Weight of Living pt. II // Bastille
  8. That’s Not Me // Skepta & JME
  9. Palace // Sam Smith
  10. F*** Me Pumps // Amy Winehouse
  11. 20/20 // The Vaccines
  12. This is England // Fatch
  13. What Became of the Likely Lads // The Libertines

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