mid-twenties?!? (+goals for the year)

So, um, I turn 24 tomorrow.

Which is a little scary. And a little exciting. Am I no longer in my “early twenties” now?

My last birthday in England was my 21st, when I was on a somewhat magical 3-day trip to Cornwall with my study abroad group. We were set loose in St Ives and I spent a day soaking up the sea and surf on what turned out to be one of the last nice days of the year.


The birthday snuck up on me, much like I feel this one is. I had been so wrapped up in adjusting to England that I hadn’t really thought much about my birthday, or even planned a Halloween costume! (Sadly, England does not love Halloween as much as Americans do.)

This year I’ll be working on my birthday, but I guess that’s a signifier of adulthood more than anything else? I was able to celebrate my birthday a little early (and officially being in the UK for a month!) this weekend with Kieran. We visited Camden Market on a beautiful (but very cold) Sunday.





Camden Town beer and vegan steak and ale pie. I know it’s a Northern thing, but gravy on chips is 🤤

So now I’m only a year away from 25, which seems like a “big” age. Somehow? I’m not really sure, and I kind of hate the cultural standards that women have to “achieve” certain things by certain ages. But setting goals is still a productive thing to do, and being that I’m starting a new chapter of my life in a new place, I’m in a bit of a goal-setting mood. Are 5 goals reasonable?

  1. Turn in my Masters dissertation! It’s due next September. Right now I’m working on my first essay of the course, and re-entering academia is quite the process.
  2. Hone my language skills – I’m now in a public-facing job, and often work with visitors who don’t speak English, so I’d really love to be able to develop some foreign language skills (and re-develop all the Italian I learned in high school and promptly forgot about once I tested out of it at Kenyon 😅).
  3. Explore more of the UK – I’m hoping to put some of my free weekends to work and see more of this amazing country! Britain is fairly small but there’s SO much to see here. I’ve never even been to Scotland or Wales, and I hope to fix that. Any recommendations on what to see, please send them my way!
  4. Journal more – I recently got a One Line A Day journal and so far it’s working pretty well. I really like how it easily encourages you to journal every day, and I want to be able to look back on my year in London fondly.
  5. Do a successful yoga inversion – Basic goal, but one of the things I’m proudest of accomplishing so far this year has been my commitment to yoga. In college I really struggled to find an exercise routine that worked for me, and I’m glad I finally found yoga (or rather, picked up yoga again after years of on-and-off practice). I’d love to continue building up my strength to do a handstand and more arm balances–I’ve got crow down, time to learn more.

Maybe I’ll check in again this time next year to see what my progress looks like. Until then, time to keep working on my essay!

Deirdre xx



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