#throwbacktravel: Home Counties

My next #throwbacktravel post is about a destination I’ve already written about a bit–England’s Home Counties. In April 2018, I visited Buckinghamshire to see my boyfriend, who I first met and started dating while I was in Exeter. My last visit to him had been in March 2017, when he was studying in Exeter. During this past visit, he was preparing for his exams and job interviews, with graduation coming up in July.

In my ways, it feels like my boyfriend and I grew up in parallel towns–commuter suburbs of large metropolitan cities (London vs New York), with posher towns nearby (Beaconsfield vs Westfield) and overpriced grocery stores (Waitrose vs Whole Foods). We lament about our train systems, though I think Chiltern Rails easily bests NJ Transit. So visiting Wycombe almost feels like a homecoming.

Also, thankfully, we’re both cat people.

(spot the Kenyon magnet on the back fridge)


We spent the first day of our visit exploring Marlow, a village along the Thames that’s now been transformed into a bit of a posh suburb.


It’s known for its picturesque views, swans, and houseboats.




It’s also known for its local population of red kites (a type of falcon) stealing your food, which is what happened to Kieran immediately after this photo was taken:


And being so close to London, we couldn’t resist a few visits into the city. This trip was only about a month before the royal wedding, so of course every shop in the UK was swept up into Hazza-and-Megs mania.




We also ventured out to Greenwich, with a bit of a misty view. Little did I know I would be working here by the end of the year!


We stopped by my favourite art museum in the city, the Tate Modern. Thanks for humouring me, Kieran. 😉


Our last few days were spent exploring Buckinghamshire and the surrounding area a bit more, including the picture-perfect Windsor and Haddenham’s St Tiggywinkles, an animal welfare hospital where you can see hedgehogs being nursed back to health. I’m sorry, but sometimes England is too adorable for its own good.



Sometimes long-distance reunions might not seem like the most interesting holidays, but when you’re apart for so long, just spending time together doing nothing can be the best part. I’ll have to do a post on long-distance at some point–I do get asked about it a lot. Like any relationship, it’s highly personal and what works for one couple doesn’t necessarily work for another. But someday I’ll chip away at it, I promise.

This week I’m getting ready to fly back to NJ on Sunday–lots of packing and cleaning and clearing out the fridge, along with researching and writing my next essay. Next #throwbacktravel post will cover a destination close to my family’s heart–Cape May, New Jersey.

Until next time,

Deirdre xx


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