I’ve kind of always hated January–it’s cold, somehow it seems longer than all the other months, and all the holiday cheer is packed away. But somehow it always seems full of possibility, a chance to do something new. I think I’m prone to surprising myself in January. After all, in Januarys of years past, I’ve…

  • joined a sorority.
  • started doing yoga consistently, to the point of becoming an actual ‘yoga person’.
  • began officially dating a British guy.

Not yet sure how I’ll surprise myself this January.

After all, I’ve been up to a lot, from ringing in the New Year with my boyfriend…


Went to my first English football match! Crystal Palace v Grimsby Town at Selhurst Park.


And went to my SECOND football match, Wycombe Wanderers v. Plymouth Argyle. The home team won at both these matches… am I a lucky charm?


I visited Tate Britain for the first time… (mildly embarrassing, I know)


And I spent a lot of time in the library. I did have an essay to write, after all.


But I also visited Senate House Library in central London–all University of London students have borrowing privileges here. It feels very Hogwarts-y. Or Oxbridge-y? In Britain, they’re pretty much the same thing.


I’ve tried my hand at some new goals so far in January, like learning French, actually writing (!), and baking bread. And I finally got around to booking the ~spotaneous weekend travel~ I never got around to during my year abroad–I’m going to Barcelona in March! Send recommendations my way.


So, here’s to January. It’s still not my favourite time of year, but it’s so full of possibility I just have to embrace it.

 Deirdre xx


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