I’ve kind of always hated January–it’s cold, somehow it seems longer than all the other months, and all the holiday cheer is packed away. But somehow it always seems full of possibility, a chance to do something new. I think I’m prone to surprising myself in January. After all, in Januarys of years past, I’ve… … More january

the best UK television shows (that you haven’t heard of)

Pretty much everyone knows beloved British shows like Doctor Who, Monty Python, and Bake Off. I fondly remember watching BBC America with my family in middle school (we really loved Cash in the Attic), but with the advent of streaming, lots more British shows make it across the pond now than they did even a … More the best UK television shows (that you haven’t heard of)

settling in

I know this post is a little late (okay, a week late), but I’ve been pretty busy with school! Which is a weird sentence to write after a year-and-a-bit of being in the workforce. I’ve been snapping photos all this week as a sort of photo diary of my first week as a student again, … More settling in

learning curves

Moving abroad is a challenge. I’ve celebrated some little victories so far–finding a store that sells vegan cheese, putting my Oystercard in a designated holder, remembering my old 4OD password. Some confusions–trying to turn around without people realising I’ve gone the wrong way, the suspicious smell of bleach in the lift after the first night … More learning curves